Avatar Free (Super Cute Contact Face Creator) App Reviews

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Just Plain Pitiful.

This is the most horrible app since "The EverythingProject". In fact, this is worst. Do not get this app unless you want to waste one minute of your life. If you are stupid enough to get it or just wondering what the fuss is all about then here is how to delete it. Google it. Okay, Bai Strangers from the dangers. I would give this app ZERO stars if I could, BTW.

Avatar Free

terrible, just terrible


This game wont even let u play it!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

What the $&@😡🔫!!!!!!

Only can make a woman!!!!


Is stupid just dissapears when u try to get it


Another bad app. Only had it on my screen for 2 minutes... Deserves 0 stars.


You get it and it disappears and takes up room even though you can't play it don't waste your time I wish i could rate 0 stars 0🌟

Same problem

same disappearing problem it's not worth your time


This app is terrible as soon as u get it it disappears b4 u can even play!!!! DONT GET ITTTTT!!!!


0 stars, the app disappeared after installing!!! 🔫🔫🔫😨😨😨


As soon as It said INSTALLED It disappeared!!! 0 Stars!!!


I just wish there were more options


The just disappeared when I tried to get it! Then I went to storage and it said that I still had it on my iPod. Had to delete it from there. How do u make a disappearing app?


It deleting/ disappeared from my screen b4 I could use it!!! 😡😡😡😡 it deserves 0 🌟

It is BAD don't buy it!

It is very bad. Once it finished downloading, it disappeared from my home screen. Would rate 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 if I had it!!!!! Fix that please!!!!!! -Goodgirlbean

Tha worst app!!!

This app licks balls dnt get it just takes up space.

It is stupid

Once I install it it disappears

It's awesome!

You better get it now!

Super stupid

Don't waist your time getting this app it is so boring and after awhile you want something that is exactly the opposite

Pure poop!

Don't bother.


This app is fantastic. I can make it look like three people. I have lots of variety. Three eye colors four smiles two skin tones and like three hairstyles. I recommend this app. Yeah right. U G L Y they ain't got now alibi. They UGLY.


Don't waist your time buying this app! It really deserves 0 s!

Sad inside

It NEVER showed up


So stupid...


Irealy loved this app


Ok it needs more of everything in it


Y'all keep sayin it's faces are ugly,they're avatars their suppose to be angry y'all r mean

Don't waste ur time

It may be cute as they say, but I really doubt ur going 2 find something that looks like u or ur friend!!!! Hardly ANY choices at all and I would rate this 0 stars if I could. Bad app don't waste ur time buyin it you'll delete it after 1 and I repeat 1 try!!!! >:(


All u do is make a face and that's it and there's really not much to chose from. Delete.


this is really dumbb!! there is NOTHING to put on my avater that actually looks like me....DO NOT BUY!!! u will delete after 1 try!!!


The faces are really ugly and there are like no choices. Lame...... I deleted it right after I got it. So glad it was free!!

Glad this was free

Nice idea, but... Super ugly faces. Angry looks. Deleted this app 1 minute after buying it for free.


Well all u bad people trying to scare people with the whole "I'm gonna kill u thing" I personally don't think that's funny. If u have a friend who does that I'll kill them and see how they like it!! Maybe even YOU!!! Thanks

Don't buy full version

Bad that's all I can say BAD!

It really is

That bad. I didn't think it would be as bad as the reviews said, but it was. I know it's free, but I thought that even a free app would have something more. Deleted immediately.


Not enough choices in faces. This app is boring. No matter what, the faces looked funny. I do not like.

Five word review

Do not get this app

its a good idea but....

they have like no choices! its SUPER rair that u can make and avitar accually look like someone u know!! other than that i love the idea and i think its really cute for ipods expestially.

What the heck

Okay...I installed it and everything but every time I try to do something it exits out back to the home screen it is getting on my nerves and want answers...I say it's not worth the wait


This is easily one of the worst apps for avatars around. The choices are VERY limited and you can hardly make anything worth while. Don't waste your money folks... >=(


Awsome had no problems


Get it it's a lot better

No choices

This game has hardley any choices but after all it is kind of fun so buy it but there are hardley any choices and good choices

not that good

dont buy it


This app had potential but the developer(s) turned it into something horrible. Simply guys: do not waste your time by downloading and installing it ;)

pure poop.

this app blows hardcore. functionality is zero and to export you have to email. archaic in it's design and apparently never updated. Whoever developed this wasted their time.


this game doesnt have barely any choices


It's good but I Tryed to make my whole contact list but I couldn't. It didn't have black hair and I have some oriental friends.

Easy, fast, limited variety

Easy and fast interface for a digitalized cartoon of your contacts. However, the lite version is very limited in variety so I recommend trying another lite app. (I ended up hardly being able to distinguish my contacts based on the options here, and what's the point in that)?


There's barely anything

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